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Network Marketing MLM Home

What is Network Marketing & MLM?

You may be searching for information and answers about Network Marketing and MLM, and we have them at You may have other questions about Network Marketing as well, such as:

MLM and Network Marketing - What is MLM REALLY?

Network Marketing MLM - Is MLM A REAL Business?

MLM Network Marketing Company - What Should I look for in an MLM Company?

MLM Network Marketing Products - What Kind of MLM products are available and what should I look for?

MLM Network Marketing Compensation Plans - What Types of MLM Compensation are there and How do They Work?

Network Marketing and MLM Success - What do I need to do to Prepare to Succeed in Network Marketing?

MLM and Network Marketing - How Do I get Started in MLM?

MLM Network Marketing - Is There a Step by Step MLM Success Path Training?

In Network Marketing and MLM - What Are Some of the Emotions I will Deal With in Network Marketing?

MLM and Network Marketing Companies - Who Should I Consider for a Business Opportunity?

MLM and Network Marketing - How Do You Build s Successful MLM organization?

MLM and Network Marketing - How Do I Get Off to a FAST Start in MLM and Network Marketing?

Your Dream Life

MLM and Network Marketing offers you the true freedom and wealth creation vehicle that can transform your life forever. Too many people could be working a Home Business in MLM and living the life of their dreams but don't.

Network Marketing gives you all that you desire and more including success, achievement, and options for your life that can only come from a Home Based Business. Success is a result of moving in the right direction with your life, with the right vehicle. There are many great Network Marketing companies out there that offer you true possibilities for a future of wealth, success, recognition, freedom, and a chance to truly make a positive impact on the world.

What would it mean to you to be able to travel the world and not worry about the cost, to live in a house that you can get lost in, and drive a car that costs more than most people's homes? That's the dream life. How would it feel to be able to take people with you on this success journey and help thousands upon thousands of other people change their lives. You can with Network Marketing. Your Dream Life awaits you!

We are not a Network Marketing company. We are huge supporters of the industry as we have over 33 years of combined experience and success in the business. We believe YOU can have Great Success in MLM too! The purpose of this site is simply to empower you and help to transform your thinking, your business, your leadership, your effectiveness in MLM and your life! We welcome you to Network Marketing MLM site and invite you to visit our partner sites as well which offer much for you as you build your Dreams with MLM Success!


Believe in Your Greatness


"Greatness lies within everyone... it is birthed in the heart, grown in our dreams, but usually stays on life support after our friends and family assassinate it with their excuses."
~Doug Firebaugh~  

It’s called “Flat-lining”.  

Your success heart quits beating, and it shows up on the monitor as a “flatline”.  

You have been shot with the bullets of mediocrity and excuses.  

And we “Rest in Peace” with the rest of the going nowhere crowd.  

Well….as they say down here in Texas… ”Someone is flat lying!”  

You can do anything in life you want to do… and succeed massively!!!!   But you gotta dodge the bullets!  

Flat-Lining...or Flat Lying?  

Your call......  

Doug Firebaugh

MLM Recruiting - The Law of Resistance MLM Success Muscles.
There is a Law of Success called the Law of Resistance... And it says that there is no success without resistance to build your 'Success Muscles'. Resistance is everything in fitness training...there must be resistance on the muscles in order to build and develop them to the size and shape you want... The resistance or opposing force on your muscles, forces them to work in a manner that will create new opportunities for them to expand due to the pressure exerted on them... The body sends the right nutrients and muscle building material to create and solidify the growth. It is the same in MLM Recruiting... Continue Reading...

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MLM Prospecting - The 7 Key Traits MLM Prospecting. It never fails... Time and time again... Over and Over.... Just like clockwork..... You can almost predict it.... How many times have we been talking to someone, and they sign up, and we get all excited... 
And we wait....  And we wait....  And we wait...  And then we wait some more... for them to show any true interest in this business...  
And then we keep waiting till we get discouraged.....? 
What went wrong?  How did we blow it?  We spent all that time to recruit them and they don't do SQUAT!  

What happened?   Qualifying in MLM vs. Recruiting... Continue Reading...

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MLM Leadership - 5 Types of Distributors in MLM As an MLM Leader, you will find when you start building you MLM group, you will have forming in your group a melting pot of different people that will help create the Vision as a leader you share with them. And that is a great thing, as a varied group can be very fun to work with… and frustrating. It all falls on the MLM Leader many times as far as getting things done for the group, and you must go beyond people and Time management…

The Secret of MLM Empowerment.
You must practice "MLM Empowerment Management" with your network marketing group… to make sure you maximize the Power in your group, and to maximize you ability to lead them.

What is "MLM Empowerment Management?" Continue Reading...

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MLM Objections - The 5 Laws of MLM Objections Objections are interesting things...  They are needed in this industry to sharpen your skills, and to find out where you truly stand with your prospects...  But.... Most folks FEAR objections, when there is really no reason to...  INFERNO Secret: Objections are part of the success process in network marketing...  You need to understand that objections truly are part of the mix in creating the success in network marketing... and the more you understand the laws of the Objection, the more you will see how easy it is to fend them off and move forward... 

What would it be worth to you to be able to "handle" any objection there is because you understand the Laws behind them? Here they are: Continue Reading...

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MLM Training Resources
Discover the Secrets to Releasing Your Leadership Power in Your MLM Home Business - By Doug Firebaugh

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Home Business Success - Quality & MLM Success" Things of quality have no fear of time......" Author unknown... How do you define quality? Is it something that you know it when you see it? "Quality is Job 1" Ford Motor Co. But what about YOUR Life and Network Marketing biz? And YOUR Dreams? And YOUR MLM business? Is Quality a "part of it" or "apart from it?" So often quantity and quality get mixed up... there are many folks who have a quantity of possessions, but lack quality of life... A quantity of assets, but lack quality of aspirations... People strive so hard for Quantity, without realizing the real MLM Wealth is in the Quality of things... The only MLM Wealth that lasts is the Wealth of Quality... all else is temporary... Quality and MLM.

INFERNO Secret: Quality is timeless...Quantity is mindful of time...did you catch that? re-read it again... Continue Reading...

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