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Network Marketing MLM Classics Series Store


PassionFire® Classics Training Series

Welcome to the PassionFire Classics Product Store

The Classics Training Series - A Staple in Every Professional Networker's Business Building Library


The PassionFire Classics Trainings are an essential training collection for all serious Networkers, beginners as well as pros! These include the most unique, powerful and content-rich material you can find on MLM How To's, Systems, Strategies and Tactics. These series are part of the PersonalFire TransFormation System (sm) and will help ReStrucure you on the inside and outside for massive High Achievement!



Note: PFSingles and PFClassics are shipped as 2 completely different orders. They each ship from different fulfillment centers and have separate shipping charges.


Specials! - Internet Web Cast & Conference Call


Extreme Prospecting Lab - Discover the Secrets of Creating an Avalanche of Leads and Get Buried in Them!
Featuring Bob Burg & Doug Firebaugh

This 5 Week Teleconference/Web Cast Series includes:

  • The Psychological Aspects of Prospecting
  • The 5 biggest mistakes made in Prospecting
  • Bob Burg, Author of the bestseller "Endless Referrals." Create an EXTREME Referral Avalanche with over 25 Secrets for Rreferrals.
  • 101 EXTREME Prospecting Secrets, Tips, Places, questions, words, tactics, strategies
  • 12 Tips from a 42 Million Dollar earner
  • BLUE prospecting vs. RED Prospecting
  • The 3 hidden places with tons of people to talk to
  • One strategy that has produced over 5,000 people
  • The EXTREME Media Gold Mine
  Item# MSL005 - $29.95



The Objections Course 101 - How to Handle Any Objection

In this 2 CD Series you will learn:

  • How to neutralize any objection
  • Objection Phrases
  • Why People Object
  • The Psychology of Objections
  • The Top 20 Objections you'll get
  • More than 25 Tactics for Destroying Objections
  • Neutralize the Pyramid Objection Forever!
Item# DFCD006 - $39.95



How to Create a Prospecting Tidal Wave - Creating a Flood of Leads
(Formerly Titled: "Recruiting Through the Eyes of a Leader")

In this 3 CD Series you will learn:

  • What Would it be Worth to You to Discover the Secrets to How Millionaires Prospect?
  • Do You Know How Leaders Create Prospects?
  • Do You Know There are Over 100 Leads Every Week in Your Newspaper?
  • Is What You Don't Know About Prospecting Costing You a Small Fortune
Item# DFCD008 - $39.95



Secrets to Becoming a Recruiting Magnet

In this 3 CD Series you will learn the Keys to:

  • Seeing vs. Looking
  • Having a T.I.N.Y. Focus
  • The Pressure Valve
  • Creating Magnetism
  • "Repel" and "Attract"
  • Building a Retirement Vehicle
  • And Much, Much More!
Item #DFCD018 - $39.95


The Biblical Recruiting Genius of Christ

In this 3 CD Series you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Christ's Success in Recruiting
  • The Power of His Connection
  • The Power of Building Super Rapport
  • Prospecting Beyond Sight
  • Principle of 2 X 2 Recruiting
  • Christ's Paradigm of Recruiting
  • And Much, Much More!
Item # DFCD004 - $39.95


The Psychology of Recruiting
Featuring Ben Johnson & Doug Firebaugh

In this 6 CD Series you will learn the Secrets of:

  • Recruiting the 4 Personality Types
  • The Incredible Power of Presence
  • The 7 Psychology Recruiting Principles
  • Approach Through Application
  • Creating Extreme Curiosity
  • Master Recruiting Process
  • And More!
Item #DFCD020 - $59.95


30 Seconds Flat University

In this amazing 6 CD Series you will learn:

  • The Psychological Aspects of Cold Calling
  • How to Make Friends Over the Phone in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Torch Any Objection in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Do a Presentation in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Follow Up in 30 Seconds Flat
  • How to Close Anyone in 30 Seconds Flat
Item # DFCD002 - $39.95

Personal Development


Getting Ready for W.A.R. - What's At Risk

In this 2 CD Series you will learn:

  • The True Cost of Your Thinking
  • The Influence of Your Past & Current Environment
  • Why People Think Negatively
  • The Psychology of Thinking
  • The Secret of Oblivious vs. Obvious
  • The Power of Generational Thinking
  • Strategies & Tactics to Transform Your Thinking
Item # DFCD021 - $39.95



Unleashing the Leadership in Your Downline
(Formerly Titled: "Igniting Leadership in the Your Downline")

In this 3 CD Series you will learn:

  • The Three Leadership Styles
  • Identifying Potential Leaders
  • The Seven Golden Leadership Principles
  • Multiplying Your Leadership
  • Leadership Communication
  • Leadership Empowerment Strategies
  • Plus Much More!
Item# DFCD028 - $39.95


Unleashing the Leader in You - Releasing Your Leadership Power
(Formerly Titled: "Igniting Leadership in the Direct Marketer")

In this 3 CD Series you will learn:

  • The 3 Leadership Styles
  • What is a Leader - Are You a Leader?
  • The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • The 5 LEAP Leadership Principles
  • The Secrets to Leadership Empowerment
  • And Much More!
Item # DFCD022 - $39.95







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