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Network Marketing MLM Home Business Success Tips 1

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Rise Above Your Competition

Successful marketing means making your small business stand out from its competitors. Here are four steps to shedding a look-alike company image.

By Kim T. Gordon   

Can your prospects tell the difference between your small business and its closest competitors? If not, it may be time to overhaul your marketing strategy. Differentiation is at the heart of long-term marketing success, and the acid test of marketing strategy is originality.    Let’s take a look at an old slogan. Most of us instantly recognize, "Good to the last drop," as belonging to Maxwell House. This venerable slogan has been successful at differentiating the product from scores of competitors, including many that might otherwise appear to be virtually identical. Not only has it been hammered home year-after-year, the slogan works because it encapsulates the promise of the brand in a way that’s uniquely valuable to the target audience.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Differentiation plays a key role in branding and is the foundation of competitive advantage. And it profoundly affects your "position" in the minds of your prospects and customers. Effective differentiation can position you as number one among your competition – the company or brand customers turn to first – and a poor differentiation strategy can leave you buried in the middle of the pack.    Are you ready to develop your own differentiation strategy? Here are four steps to get you started.

1. Evaluate Competitive Messages    Your first step is to gather or evaluate the marketing materials of your chief competitors, including their ads, brochures and Web sites. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of "me too" marketing. There’s simply a lot of bad marketing out there, and the fact that many of your competitors have no differentiation strategy will be to your advantage. But at least some – usually the category leaders – will make promises that resonate with the target audience. Carefully review the benefit statements your competitors make and determine what claims set them apart.

2. Find What Makes You Unique    For a company-wide differentiation strategy, consider what separates you from the competitors you’ve evaluated. Whether you market a product or operate a service business, such as an accounting firm or a power washing company, it’s essential to clearly differentiate through your marketing how what you offer is of unique value. Your point of differentiation may relate to the way your product or service is provided, priced or even delivered. And the most important thing to discover is the principal benefit you offer that is uniquely valuable to customers and gives you a competitive advantage.

3. Tell the World    Your next step is to create a new marketing message that communicates your unique value. This message should become the core of your entire marketing campaign. To successfully gain a competitive advantage, consistently drive this point of differentiation home until it becomes integral to your brand image. For example, through its slogan, Maxwell House communicates that its coffee will always taste good, not bitter, down to the bottom of the pot. It’s this assertion, when repeatedly communicated through ongoing marketing, which differentiates the product and helps make it successful.

4. Keep Your Promise    Effective differentiation has everything to do with customer satisfaction, which builds loyalty and often trumps price as a primary consideration. As long as your company can sustain its ability to differentiate in a way that consistently meets consumer expectations, customers may reject lower-cost competitors. The bottom line is that customers see the value of what’s offered – and rather than go elsewhere for a similar product or service even at a lower price – stay loyal because of the "intangibles." Nothing costs you customers faster than a "disconnect" between the promises made in marketing and the reality of customer experience with your product or brand. So for long-term success, your company or product must live up to its marketing promise.


Kim T. Gordon's columns and articles are read by nearly 3 million small and home-based business owners each month.  She is a small business expert and the author of three books, including Big Marketing Ideas for Small Budgets: A step-by-step guide to growing your business.


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