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Network Marketing MLM Leadership Articles

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The Ten Commandments for MLM Leadership

by Doug Firebaugh


Simply, there is nothing more powerful in this Industry than a True decision to Lead. It seems when that happens; you literally become magnetized to Success.
How can you tell a True Decision? It is a Decision from the heart, not just the mind. You simply cannot imagine traveling down any other Path, because of the Success Power in Decision.
Right in the middle of the word Decision is the word "Is". If you are looking for the Secret of Success to this business, there it "Is'


Your Vision needs to be more than just on course or on track. It needs to be ONFIRE! It needs to be Crystal Clear, Powerful, and Hot! As my friend John Milton Fogg says, " A leader when they meet people, should either Ignite them, or Melt them."
It needs to be a consuming Vision OnFire that people are compelled to enroll in and buy into, whether it is wealth, helping people, or changing the world.
The real Power in your Vision , the real "Heat" is in the Fire in your Heart…where the MLM Vision is birthed and ignited, and ignites others hearts with Hope, Possibilities, and Change.


You must as a Leader have a plan, a step by step trail, and direct your people down the MLM Power Path. You must guide them along the way to solve challenges, and navigate them through storms that do happen in this business and life.
With your Network Marketing support, coaching, caring, instructing, and believing. Remember, the North Star of your organization and compass for your people is your Leadership. Navigation requires knowing where you are, but also where you are headed, and how you are going to get there.
The Last syllable in Navigate is Gate. You must provide the Gate to Success for others …It is up to them to open it and walk through.


There is nothing more powerful and compelling than a Leader who cares more about their distributor's paycheck, than their own. People are magnetized to it.
And the influence that creates through the ethics that are needed to do it, is enormous. But as a leader, you must always display ethics and integrity to maintain respect with your people.
And sincere caring Leaders know, people don 't follow what you say, or what you do, as much as who you are.


You must create an environment that your distributors can grow and thrive in. An environment of hope and possibilities, and that the hope will be crystallized into Success. You must also create an environment of expectancy.
MLM Leaders know that people usually rise to the level of their expectations. Believe and expect big things from your people. As oxygen is to a population, your belief is to your organization.
Let your distributors "breathe the air of Success", in MLM, which gives life to every distributor, and creates an Incredibly Empowering environment.


Leaders have an incredible chance to empower people, and change their life through this business. And the greatest way to empower is to believe in them. The 4 most powerful words in network marketing are "I believe in You!"
And through the Power of Encouragement, like "You can do it!" and the proper knowledge of how to do it, you will become their biggest supporter, and cheerleader. Believe and encourage your people...through Heart Power and the Fire of Belief.


Leaders are a lighthouse in a sea of adversity and frustration in network marketing. And your distributors must always be looking forward.
Being out in front also means doing what your teaching them and setting the example. You must understand, your distributors quietly watch you, and observe.
You will never know it, but they are watching to see if you practice what you are preaching. If you are not, they will quietly duplicate what you are doing. Show them the way, and lead them through what we a PassionFire call "The New Distributor Fog"…the fog of doubt, frustration, and discouragement. You do that by leading them through the fog with your light of Leadership.


MLM Leaders know: You make the Big Money from the back of the room. Do you understand that? Too many distributors get leadership and what we call "celebrityitis" mixed up. A lot of distributors become a celebrity when they get successful, and to the detriment of their group.
Leaders who build permanent downlines put the recognition spotlight on their people then stand behind it, and stay there. Yes, Leaders do need to be visible to inspire, but the Power lies in recognizing and celebrating every little attempt or success to encourage and build the distributor's confidence in this business.
People will do more for recognition than money. That's MLM Leadership 101.


We at PassionFire believe in the L.I.A.C.P. Principle.
Leadership Is A Construction Project.

First, you must build you, and construct the skills; attitudes, habits, and thinking you need to succeed in this business. Then you must construct your people, through all we have been talking about in this article. And then you construct your business.
Most distributors constrict their business with a very limiting self-focus, and looking out for #1 attitude. The average distributor has a selfish focus. Leaders have a selfless focus.
And that brings us to what we call "The Leadership Paradox". You must construct your business by building you first, downline second, and business third, but all at the same time.
If you understand what I just said, you are on your way to building a retirement vehicle.


What is the Secret to building A Million-Dollar Distributorship?
You build Million Dollar Relationships.
Remember that it is easier to walk away from a business than a friend. Get to know your folks, especially your Leaders as people, not just a paycheck. Get to know their dreams, what is important to them, and especially what they value. Spend personal time with your leaders, and develop that bond. Visit their house, their workplace, "Their world", and make it a part of yours.
And always, always, always put their interests ahead of yours. That will create amazing loyalty, which will create amazing motivation, which will create amazing paychecks.
Get on a ship and sail on the sea of relating, and when people discover you are truly interested in them; that is when your paycheck becomes truly interesting.

These are the "Ten Commandments of Network Marketing MLM Leadership 2005."

I encourage you in this new Millennium to start engaging your business through the eyes of a Leader, not just a distributor. The impact on your business will be enormous.
And once you discover how the journey of leadership will transform you in all aspects of your life, the year 2000 will be for you without limits, barriers, or failure, and you will be on a one-way track to all the success you ever dreamed of.

And that is what Network Marketing is supposed to be about…Unbridled, and unstoppable Success.

And the Secret? Leadership!

PassionFire Intl
MLM Leadership
©2005 All rights reserved.

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